Technology of production

Finishing Operations

Finishing of printed products is called a set of methods of finishing processing, serving to give it a presentation, as well as the necessary operational properties.

(Русский) улучшение внешнего вида печатной продукции;

(Русский) защита печатной продукции от внешних воздействий;

(Русский) придание отпечаткам необходимой геометрической формы;

(Русский) Типы Операций

Cold stamping

Hot stamping

Imprinting holograms

Blind and relief


Perforation of complex shapes

Drawing tactile varnishes

Embossing on the gel (technology Silk Foil)

Printing with special inks

Mentioned above are only a few of post-printing finishing operations. With the development of technology, new ways, processes, materials that are able to give your products additional competitive advantages are constantly emerging.