manufacturing technology

Today, the label has a reputation of multivariate and flexible way to design, capable of offering proven solutions for brand owners, really increases their value. Labels play a most important role in the product packaging. Printing labels of the highest quality carried out by means of offset printing. If they contain plots spot, it is useful to use screen printing.

Our company can offer you:

  • Sheet-fed offset printing;
  • Roll offset printing;
  • Roll high printing;
  • Roll silk printing by UV inks.

Also, when printing these products are widely used various finishing operations.

Decorating printed product is the set of methods of finishing, which serve to make it's presentation, as well as the required performance properties.

Finishing operations can have the following objectives:

  • improving the appearance of printed products;
  • protection of printed products from external influences;
  • giving the required geometric shape to the print.

Hot foil stamping - process comprising applying an image by a special form of pressure on the material. Embossing can be a blind and colorful. Differ blind embossing (depth) and hot stamping (relief), hot and cold stamping.
Die-cutting (cutting) - finishing process gives the product a shaped form by cutting-shaped blades stamps.
Laminating - application process layer on a paper substrate. Thus, usually used for laminating paper sheet coated with a printing image process, which allows to obtain products having the appearance of the printed sheet and mechanical properties typical paperboard or other substrate.
Holographic Printing - image volume. Different 2D and 3D hologram. Printing is carried out by coating paper or other base, typically having an adhesive base. It is used for protection against counterfeiting, as well to improve the image of production. Like all new holographic methods for finishing small-scale batch of commercial packaging are impractical because of the high cost matrix.
Emboss - giving relief (in the direction of the observer) pressing the material between the plates for stamping (matrix) patricians (countermatrix, mate). Image is convex. Produced either cold process or pad heated to 60 degrees Celsius.