Kinds of labels

Label is the most important part of your product's image, the face of good. It bears not only useful and constructive information about the composition and destination of the product, but also an emotional component. In most cases, it helps the customer to solve the problem of choice, stimulate impulse purchasing, and even contributes to obtaining the pleasure of buying. For possession of beautiful, stylish and brightly labeled subject increases the buyer's self-esteem.

Labels have big value in the design of your products, so it is very important to know the nuances and features of various kinds of labels.

For the packaging of each kind of product, whether it's alcohol, cosmetics, chemicals, groceries, or anything else, there is a kind of its label:

Some take the form of an ideal packaging, others allow you to use unusual printing technology or non-standard materials, and others attracts with the cost price. All labels have a variety of unique features that meet a variety of product types. They must keep the brightness at a temperature difference, not to distort the image of shrinkage is not deformed during transportation papered jars, bottles or boxes, provide additional product protection and perform an advertising function. That is why this production is a complex science-intensive process that requires attention and responsibility.

Label's production is one of the most popular and, at the same time, volatile areas of modern printing. In the search for new means of protection against counterfeiting trademark, as well as tools for competition, polygraphists are constantly developing new technologies and production methods. For develop advanced technologies and offer customers a wide range of varieties of labels, it's necessary to have decent resources: funds for investment, equipment, space.